Little-Known Facts About Weight Loss

Little-Known Facts About Weight Loss


At Springfield Weight Loss Center, our weight loss diet center in Springfield, IL., we believe that change is possible. And we aren’t just talking about minor changes, either. We are talking about long-term, sustainable, lifestyle-type changes here. With our weight loss diet program, we help clients achieve a lifetime of weight loss results.

How do we do this? We do this by formulating a weight loss diet that is specific to your body’s needs; this is a natural approach that your body will love. And while we can’t make empty promises (nor should we) about how the experience will be a walk in the park 24/7, we are happy to tell our prospective clients at our Springfield weight loss clinic that you can achieve sustainable results with no hunger, no dangerous drugs, and no exercise. We work hard to learn about your body and its needs and potential deficiencies. Through an increase in metabolism and an anti-inflammatory diet our society is in desperate need of, you can convert stored fat into usable energy.

Do we have your attention yet?

If not, that’s fine. People are inundated with commercials making vague claims at an incessant rate these days; we get that. But what we hope you get is that we aren’t in the business of making claims to get people to try our obesity weight loss program for a month, only to fall back into their former patterns. We are in the business of helping real people (residents of Springfield, Farmingdale, Sherman, Pleasant Plans, Leland Grove, Rochester, Chatham, Grandview, and beyond) achieve non-invasive weight loss results. There are non-surgical weight loss options that are available to you.

And we don’t want you to simply take our word for it. Those residents we’ve mentioned want others to experience the same success that they have. Check out our Springfield Weight Loss Center Reviews!

Weight Loss Facts

We tend to get a little carried away when we start talking about non-surgical weight loss options for folks of Springfield. But, believe it or not, we have a promised topic to get to today! With that in mind, keep reading if you are interested in interesting and perhaps surprising facts about weight loss and the like.

Avoiding processed foods and refined carbohydrates like the plague. They are quite harmful to your health, despite the fact that they are essentially a staple of our diet here in the USA. Specifically, we are referring to white rice, white bread, white potatoes, white pasta, and similar processed foods. These refined carbs make your pancreas work much harder by causing a spike in blood sugar upon consumption. The pancreas has to produce much more insulin than it normally would in order to regulate the new levels of blood sugar. In reference to weight loss, the spike in blood sugar means you’ll get hungrier more quickly than what would typically be the case. That is not ideal when you are attempting to lose weight without surgery (which is possible and much safer than the alternative!).

Added sugars and solid fats should make up no more than 5 to 15 percent of a person’s diet. However, the average joe or jane in the US takes in a much higher ratio of their daily caloric intake. The average American consumes around 800 calories of solid fats and sugars every day. Frame that figure in light of our recommended caloric intake of 2000 calories per day and you start to understand why our nation has such a significant problem with nutrition, metabolism, obesity, diabetes, and cancer. There is an actual national health crisis on our hands.

Here at our Springfield weight loss clinic, we understand that there are ways in which we can help your body burn more calories naturally, as opposed to nearly killing yourself five times per week at the local gym while still consuming the same processed foods. That’s two steps forward and one step back, in our professional opinion. Our obesity weight loss program involves a specific low glycemic index, an anti-inflammatory diet, weight loss coaching, and supplementation along the way. We work closely to determine what your specific body requires to achieve maximal, sustainable weight loss results.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention estimate that the average obese person has to deal with almost $1,500 more in medical bills and costs each year when compared to someone who is categorized in a healthy weight range. That’s no small figure. These days, many insurance plans require physical exams. If you don’t fall within their preferred range, you might have to pay a lifestyle surcharge to your already-too-high monthly premium. On top of that, there is research which suggests that people, more specifically white women, are commonly discriminated based on weight in the workplace. Now, it is important to note that this is merely a correlation (not causation), but it nevertheless is something to keep in mind if you are having trouble motivating. Losing weight won’t only change the way you feel about yourself, but it might help you save money and find success professionally!

Losing weight is far from a linear process. People talk about how they want to lose x amount of lbs per week, but that isn’t the way it works, tragically. Much like muscle growth within a strength-training regimen, there are spikes followed by plateaus. More specifically with regards to weight loss, some days you will lose weight while you might gain weight during other days. The thing is, you don’t need to be alarmed by such fluctuation, as it’s completely normal within the process. Some days your body might be holding on to more water than it typically does, while still other days you might have an overabundance of food in your digestive system. The point is that you need to look at trends. Don’t be overwhelmed by what the scale is telling you from one day to the next. Just stick to the Springfield weight loss program!

Making love within a committed, healthy relationship can be a positive contributing factor in achieving your weight loss goals. Having sex usually burns around 200 calories every half hour and can decrease stress levels as well.

Research suggests that eating food with a red plate can have a psychologically positive effect; it makes you eat less. Why? Fascinatingly, we associate red with caution and stopping. This has a subconscious effect on many, leading them to enact portion control more successfully. Here at Springfield Weight Loss Center, we think that’s pretty neat!

Having your bedroom temperature set at a lower temperature can also contribute to burning more calories. The National Institute of Health Clinical Center found that folks who slept in a 66 F degree room burned seven percent more calories than the control group who slept in a warmer room. Researchers hypothesized that this result was likely due to the body needing to work harder to maintain a stable body temperature.

Consider Our Weight Loss Diet Of Springfield IL

In short, these tips are helpful, but we understand that it can be overwhelming to attempt to sort through all of this detailed information on your own. While you might be able to get a head start by using red plates more often or setting your thermostat a bit lower before you start counting sheep, if you are in need of tangible weight loss results you should reach out to us today. We use a natural approach that your body will love, and your consultation is completely complimentary.

If you’ve viewed our success stories, you’ve probably already begun to get the idea that our weight loss plan is the real deal. We help people achieve long-term success because we don’t cut corners; we treat each case individually, as it should be. If you are interested in changing your life from now on, reach out to us at Springfield Weight Loss Center today!


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