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It is absolutely vital to have a thorough understanding regarding our nation’s problem with weight. It’s pervasive to the point where right around 108 million unique people go on a diet each year, with each individual likely making between 4 and 5 attempts annually. That information is not an opinion either – it comes from the National Weight Control Registry. Additionally, there are right around 220,000 people who have the diagnosis of morbid obesity. Bariatric surgery ranges between $11,500 all the way up to $26,000. That figure alone is a major contributing factor to why we exist here at Springfield Weight Loss Center in the first place. We have passion for educating our clients about non-surgical weight loss options. There are many weight loss surgery alternatives that work, and we aren’t talking about dedicating 20 hours a week at your local tire-flipping gym, either.

Obesity is a major problem. The American Journal of Preventive Medicine has approximated that more than 42 percent of adults within the US could be obese. Obesity brings a host of dangers along with it. From cancer, stroke, diabetes, heart disease, to an uptick in insurance and skyrocketing medical bills, it’s a sobering problem that requires action. That’s why the time is now to make changes to your current lifestyle. With our knowledgeable and empowering staff, you can feel better about yourself, and make changes that will impact your family and friends as well.  

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One of our core beliefs at our weight loss center in Springfield is that weight loss does not have to be difficult. Our Springfield Weight Loss Center team will walk through how you can lose weight without surgery, how you can lose weight without dieting (as most think of it), and even how to lose weight without exercise! We understand the struggle that many in Illinois are experiencing, and we have a passion for helping you beat that struggle.