5 Tips For Staying Healthy On Vacation



Summer is just around the corner and you’re closer than ever to that family vacation you’ve been planning for months. When summer vacations come around, many people often throw their diets out the window and overindulge. Not you! You’ve been working hard on your bikini body and are determined to have fun and stay healthy on your trip. We at Springfield Weight Loss Center are here to help. Check out these 5 tips for staying healthy on vacation.

Customize Your Order

With vacation comes eating out at restaurants multiple times in a week or even a day. Menus are often packed with high calorie, large portioned and delicious sounding items. While it is tempting to order one of everything, it is important to remember portion control. Try customizing your entrée choice. Maybe you try splitting a meal with a friend or ordering a half portion. Also, don’t be afraid to customize how your meal is prepared! Perhaps try having that mouthwatering sandwich lettuce wrapped instead of with bread. If you are at the beach, ask the chef if they can prepare your fresh seafood with minimal seasoning.


You are on vacation! You should of course enjoy yourself. This often means trying the local cuisine. The key, as with most things in life, is moderation. Try just sampling these delicacies without overindulging. You will thank yourself later. Another thing to remember is to eat when you’re hungry and stop when you’re comfortable.

Drink Water

Traveling can be dehydrating. Add on top of that, the effects of being in the sun. Bring water with you everywhere you go. Keeping yourself hydrated keeps all your systems working smoothly.

Go for a Walk

It is easy to get exercise on vacation without having to fully suit up and hit the gym. The beach is a perfect place to go for a nice long walk. Enjoy the scenery, talk with a friend, or look for seashells and we guarantee you will not even realize you are actually exercising. The same can be said for city vacations that involve a lot of walking around and sight-seeing. Another great option for vacation exercise is swimming laps at the hotel pool.

Pack Your Own Snacks

Whether your vacation is a car ride, plane ride or boat ride away, it is always a good idea to go ahead and pack your own healthy snacks. This will offer a fresh alternative to the often highly processed options at rest stops, airports, and hotel shops. Homemade trail mix and fruit are always a great option. Enjoy these items in your hotel room between activities or down at the beach while you are relaxing. Having these healthy snacks already on hand will help with the urge to splurge on other less healthy options.

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