5 Simple Tips To Staying Healthy While Eating Out

5 Simple Tips To Staying Healthy While Eating Out


Go prepared

Many restaurants offer their menus online.

Check out the menu before going out to eat and decide what you are going to order beforehand. This limits bad choices you may make trying to decide what to order. Going in prepared will motivate you to make healthy choices!

Limit portion sizes

Portion sizes at restaurants are usually very large and not the size you would eat at home. To change this, simply ask the waiter to split your meal beforehand and put the other half in a to-go container, or share your meal with someone else. By doing this, you are controlling how much food you are eating, while also having some great leftovers for the next day!

Ask for sauces or dressings on the side

This simple tip will decrease your caloric intake without you hardly noticing. A lot of times when eating out, salads tend to be drenched in dressing, by asking for dressing or sauces on the side, you are in control of how much you are putting into your body. Another option is to bring your own salad dressing. Most grocery stores offer certain dressings in to-go pouches, or you can put your own bottled dressing in small containers to take with you.

Stick to protein and vegetables

Almost every restaurant you go to, you can find a few options that contain a protein, whether it be steak, grilled chicken, or fish, along with a vegetable side. It’s not only simple and healthy but will also delicious. Stay away from the potato options, ask what their “vegetable of the night” is or order a side salad. Often times the “vegetable side” at restaurants can be served in small portions, so ask for double or triple the amount of vegetables so you aren’t left hungry after dinner.

Say no to the bread

The breadbasket is nothing but temptation sitting on the table right in front of you. More recently waiters have started to ask whether you would like a breadbasket or not…and your response is always “NO!” ,well maybe in your head at least. Don’t ruin your diet or main course by filling up on carbs beforehand.

So, don’t think that going out to eat is impossible while living a healthy lifestyle! Use these tips to make it a good experience, because you won’t be holding on to the guilt of making poor food choices. Also, don’t be afraid to ask for it your way. As a paying consumer, you have the right to know how your food is prepared and to make special requests!
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