People choose to lose weight for a range of reasons. Some in Springfield want to lose weight in order to have better general health, less chronic pain, or to look stunning at the pool. Have you heard that there is a financial incentive for losing weight? The Center for Disease Control and Prevention have researched and found that an obese person has nearly $1,500 more in medical costs every year when compared with someone in a healthy weight range.

A high number of life insurance plans necessitate a physical exam. The results can cost you a small fortune in premiums. Some insurance companies give more weight to BMI (Body Mass Index) to tell if a lifestyle surcharge needs to be tacked on to the monthly premium. And while most life insurance policies fall under company or group names, nobody knows what the future holds in reference to policy renewals, obesity, and cost.

Barbara O’Neill is a professor and finance specialist in resource management at Rutgers University. Professor O”Neill says that “studies have found that discrimination based on weight in the workplace is more prevalent for women than men, especially white women in professional occupations.” In spite of the fact that the majority of people wouldn’t naturally connect wages and promotions with obesity, a correlation exists nonetheless. Difficult economic environments only exacerbate such issues.

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